Positioning Kaplan’s offering across the Asia Pacific Region using market intelligence and adaptive creative.

Kaplan is one of the world’s leading providers of lifelong education. In FY2011/12, the primary focus of its Higher Education Division was to provide a more competitive offering to International Students across Asia, potentially considering the Australian higher education market. To do so, the organisation was challenged to form a strategic alliance with three of its competing sub-brands.

The Challenge and the Opportunity

Kaplan Australia reinforced its position as one of the largest providers of higher education across the Asia-Pacific region, by acquiring Bradford International, Grange Business School and the Murdoch Institute of Technology.

With Higher Education an $18 billion (AUD) market in Australia (ranked 3rd in the world during our time of consultation) and despite Kaplan’s major league acquisitions, their business was loosing, rather than gaining market share.

To rectify this problem, we applied our extensive marketing insight to successfully identify and define Kaplan’s core value proposition for each consumer market and unique target audience in Asia.

The process of mapping a consumer’s journey of enquiry through to complete engagement, allowed us to develop effective sales tools for Kaplan’s strategic marketing plan. The delivery and implementation of these sales tools, enhanced Kaplan’s ability to successfully market their offer to prospects in Asia.

The Solution

Platform needed to define and execute a comprehensive marketing and creative strategy, addressing the following issues:

•    Communications, branding and content was to be tailored across 4 languages, redesigned and refreshed.
•    This content needed to be customised and product specific, as opposed to the existing ‘one-size-fits-all’ model.

Our work included developing a comprehensive sales kit with particular emphasis placed on providing a flexible marketing approach. To this end, Platform’s creative designs enabled Kaplan to customise their marketing and communications strategies to their prospects in Asia. Specifically, they could represent one or all their three sub-brands in their marketing and communications, offering tailored information based on the prospective client’s status as a qualified or unqualified lead.

The Results

Platform’s extensive collateral redesign of their marketing and communications processes, enabled Kaplan to increase the range and impact of their international enrolment campaigns for 2012 and beyond with the following outcomes:Higher attendance of International Student enquiries (inc. Open Days).

  • Increased enrollments at off-shore agent locations
  • Increased support and advocacy by selling-agents in Asia
  • Significant reduction in group communication expenditure through unification and re-design
  • Return on marketing spend increased by 81%
  • Cost per new student decreased by 34%


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5/F, No.89 Taixing Lu,
Jing’an District, Shanghai

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 Yes, send me Platform's digital, marketing and brand advice and also initiations to upcoming events.